Over 100 Community Members Attend CB 10

Over 100 People Attend CB 10 HHS Meeting!

Tony Hannigan addressing CB10 HHS and the community
Tony Hannigan, CEO of the proposed shelter operator, addressing CB10 HHS and the community. Courtesy DNA INFO/Dartunorro Clark

We called, and you responded! Over 100 people packed the Community Board 10 Health and Human Services meeting to help oppose the conversion of the James Varick Community Center into the eighth homeless shelter in a three block radius.

Hazel Dukes presiding
Hazel Dukes presiding

What Are Their Plans?

At the meeting,  Tony Hannigan, CEO of CUCS, the proposed shelter operator gave us the following facts:

  • The shelter will serve 66 single men.   This is a 120% INCREASE from their current shelter.
  • All residents will be chronically street homeless. These are the guys with shopping carts, not people who were recently evicted.
  • 100% of the men have mental health problems.  As he put it “You don’t live on the street for years without serious mental issues”
  • Fewer than 50% of the people at the shelter will come from our area.  As their general counsel put it, “they could be from Hawaii”

What Did The Community Think?

Reaction to our arguments that Harlem is oversaturated with homeless shelters was very positive!   Hazel Dukes and Bryan Benjamin (new Chair of CB 10) appeared to support us, and the reminder that CB 10 has passed a moratorium on new shelters drew a loud round of applause.

What’s Next?

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