Over 100 Community Members Attend CB 10

Over 100 People Attend CB 10 HHS Meeting!

Tony Hannigan addressing CB10 HHS and the community
Tony Hannigan, CEO of the proposed shelter operator, addressing CB10 HHS and the community. Courtesy DNA INFO/Dartunorro Clark

We called, and you responded! Over 100 people packed the Community Board 10 Health and Human Services meeting to help oppose the conversion of the James Varick Community Center into the eighth homeless shelter in a three block radius.

Hazel Dukes presiding
Hazel Dukes presiding

What Are Their Plans?

At the meeting,  Tony Hannigan, CEO of CUCS, the proposed shelter operator gave us the following facts:

  • The shelter will serve 66 single men.   This is a 120% INCREASE from their current shelter.
  • All residents will be chronically street homeless. These are the guys with shopping carts, not people who were recently evicted.
  • 100% of the men have mental health problems.  As he put it “You don’t live on the street for years without serious mental issues”
  • Fewer than 50% of the people at the shelter will come from our area.  As their general counsel put it, “they could be from Hawaii”

What Did The Community Think?

Reaction to our arguments that Harlem is oversaturated with homeless shelters was very positive!   Hazel Dukes and Bryan Benjamin (new Chair of CB 10) appeared to support us, and the reminder that CB 10 has passed a moratorium on new shelters drew a loud round of applause.

What’s Next?

  1. Please sign our petition!
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  3. Watch this Space For More!

We’re in the Daily News & Keith Wright is Supporting Us!

Real estate developer accused of lying to Harlem church, community to build homeless shelter

Assemblyman Keith Wright, City Councilwoman Inez Dickens and the 32nd Precinct are calling for the city to withhold providing any contracts to Levitan, according to a press release issued by the association.

At a private meeting at his office today, Keith Wright re-iterated his stance that this location is not appropriate for a homeless shelter.

We were covered in Harlem Bespoke

We’ve always liked reading Harlem Bespoke — now we’re featured!


As Ulysses writes

Community Board approval does count in these issues and any increase in attendance will definitely make a difference.  Additional details on the subject matter and date can be found on the Central Harlem Coalition website: LINK

You can learn more about the meeting here:

CB 10 Health and Human Services Meeting. 6:30pm 6/20. Be there!

We Need You at the Community Board Meeting!

Community Board 10 Health and Human Services

6:30 PM,  MONDAY JUNE 20

215 West 125th St. 4th Floor
Floor may change — ask the guard in the lobby!

Directions and Information

We need a large turnout!


Coalition members in front of the center
Coalition members in front of the center

Why We’re Going

For too long, Central Harlem has had to absorb nearly all the homeless shelter population in Manhattan.  Adding a 200-bed shelter to a mid-block location threatens to undo the considerable progress that we’ve made over the past few decades.


For More Information:

Please see our more detailed arguments over here


Media Contacts

James Horton

Kerry-Ann Evans-Thompson                                           646.418.7750

Peter Marchese                                                                                917.572.8291

Michael McCarry



Directions and Information:

The meeting is at 215 W. 125th St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10027

Front of 215 West 125th St. You don't need an ID to go in.
Front of 215 West 125th St. You don’t need an ID to go in.

A Few Facts:

  • You are required to sign in on the sheet by the security guard, but so far, we haven’t been asked for IDs.
  • There is no metal detector or pat-down search, so lines should be manageable.
  • The entrance is next to Emblem Health
  • The building is currently covered by a sidewalk shelter–here’s what the outside looks like now.
Outside of the Community Board
Outside of the Community Board

It is currently scheduled for the 4th Floor.  Because the rooms in other parts of the building are bigger, it may be moved to the third floor.

This is on the north side of 125th St, between ACP (7th)  and Frederick Douglass Blvd.   You can take the ABCD to 125th/FDB  or the 2/3 to 125th/Lenox.

Here’s a local map:


Should One Neighborhood Shelter all the Homeless?

New York City’s methods of siting homeless shelters are deeply flawed.  How else to explain that most homeless shelters are concentrated in:

  • Brownsville/East New York
  • South Bronx
  • Central Harlem
homeless shelter map
homeless shelter map

This process produces results that are unfair, and that site the shelters in low-income neighborhoods that, presumably, are less politically powerful than their wealthier neighborhoods.  There are no city-run homeless shelters on the Upper East Side, for example.

Read the full report on how NYC sites homeless shelters here:  https://comptroller.nyc.gov/wp-content/uploads/documents/20130509_NYC_ShelterSiteReport_v24_May.pdf


Community Board 10 Shelter Moratorium

In 2010, Community Board 10 recognized that the district has been overwhelmed with the burden of providing homeless shelters to the rest of Manhattan.  The excessive concentration of these shelters creates quality of life concerns that would not occur were these shelters more evenly distributed across Manhattan and the rest of NYC.

Read the moratorium:

Moratorium on Expansion of Central Harlem